All the reasons to die

Dead angel wings don’t help me to fly
Closed big eyelids are useless for crying
I’m just sittin’ here forgetting my life
I’m rotting I’m puking I’m dying

R: „I have all the reason to die (x2)
When this world seems just a dream”

Fishes are drowning birds fall from sky
Wishes are running away from mankind
I’m just sittin’ here counting the lies
I’m sinking I’m melting I’m dying

::Where are you, Sun? When will you come?
Burn all this pest; can’t see the good is gone!?
Where are you, night, to forgive and forget?
Where are you, Death, to give us all rest?::

I can see peace, is not far from here
I can see you, but you’re not near
I begin to slip, I begin to cry
Now I have all the reasons to die!…


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